Oversea mail order

I can sell my improve tennis tools to oversea country by mail order.
Products are delivered by EMS (Express mail service).
You can pay by Paypal.

Step 1) Send an e-mail me described below.
Product name you want and quantity of you need.
Your address and phone number

Send email

Step 2) I reply products price and postage in currency US$ or €EUR etc..

Step 3)You confirm (2). If you OK, reply me.

Step 4) I make a claim for payment by Paypal.

Step 5) You receive a mail from Paypal.Pay in Paypal site.

Step 6) I ship products to you.

Improve tennis tools

There are two tools

Tennis Wrist COC

This tool improves forehand stroke, backhand stroke, forehand volley, backhand volley. You can learn appropriate wrist angle each shot.

Price 21.00 USD
Shipping:(Express Mail Service)
-Asia 10~ USD
-Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East 13~ US$
-Europe 16~ USD
-South America and Africa 18~ USD
Item location: Chiba, Japan
Ships to: Worldwide
Processed by PayPal

Usage example

Video: Effect using this tool

Shoulder joint sensor

This tool improvement movement shoulder joint rotation during serve ,forehand stroke, and one handed backhand stroke.

Introducing this tool and tennis improvement tips in DVD
Usage for serve
Usage for forehand stroke
Tips, don’t move arm forward in serve
Tips, move shoulder from outer rotate in serve
Tips, Don’t pronation.
Tips, difference between slice serve and flat serve.
Tips, Don’t look forward in serve motion.
Tips, raped prepare in forehand stoke
Tips, unit turn
Tips, grip racket handle
Tips, place pivot foot

*DVD is Japanese edition, contain English caption.

Price 31 US$
Shipping:(Express Mail Service)
-Asia $12~ US$
-Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East 16~ US$
-Europe 19~ US$
-South America and Africa 22~ US$
Item location: Japan
Ships to: Worldwide
Processed by PayPal


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